Be prepared to strap on your seatbelt for a journey into self help like never before. You will recognize yourself throughout this entire book and have many 'Ah-Ha!' moments. Through personal stories, Terri will reflect on how you can maximize your potential professionally while also focusing on your personal life. One is never too old to learn these lessons, and taking responsibility for one's own internal happiness is essential! Terri makes this a user friendly read while giving one the impression that they are sitting at a table chatting with a dear friend.

youaretheboss.jpg You're the Boss... of You!

Become the Boss of you, and love your life while passing it on to others.

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awakening.jpg Awakening the Workplace

Look for Terri's chapter on "The Power Of Service...Inside Out" in the new book, Awakening the Workplace, available soon in bookstores everywhere!

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book_speakout.gif Expert Women Who Speak... Speak Out!

Professionally speaking women came together with one vision and intention in writing this book. The intent was to offer you a book filled with the essence of knowledge, skills and wisdom, providing you with information and techniques to enhance your life personally and professionally.

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book_success2.gif More Tools for Success

Terri Knox believes that having a roadmap to follow will allow you to follow your dreams and attain your goals with greater focus, while living with less stress. To accelerate both success and personal growth, we must connect to our limitless potential. Included in this CD are proven tools, tips and strategies designed to turn on every individuals internal 'success magnet'! This innovative message is developed to fit with the reality of our day-to-day challenges and busy lives. Terri's energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and sincerity will be key to enabling individuals to recognize how essential it is to invest in YOU!

Sit back and strap on your seatbelt for a wholesome listen. The emotions will take you from laughter to tears with many "AH-HA" moments that will enrich your life and how you live it!

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book_success1.gif Tools for Success

Terri Knox believes in the simple idea that, if you're not happy with yourself, or the job you are doing, then your service to the job and the consumer will be lacking. This CD addresses the initial concepts of self-image and self motivation before dealing with the issue of job performance. The user friendly tools included in this CD will enhance your life both personally and professionally.

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