Terri Knox has accumulated a wealth of experience while dealing with the public in her 22 years in the airline industry. Terri was the coordinator of Education and Training for the Tourism Industry. Nominated Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Terri’s successful company has been bringing inspirational keynotes and seminars to a wide variety of clients of every sector across North America.

Terri is an insightful, innovative and high energy speaker, author, trainer, and life coach who will challenge you to use with tools such as introspection and humour to live each day with passion and purpose as you journey on your road to self discovery and enlightenment; learning to maximize your unique God given potential on both a personal and professional level. Her major areas of expertise are: personal development, achieving work life balance, self-image, team-work and customer relations.

Awakening the Workplace


Look for Terri's chapter on "The Power Of Service... Inside Out" in her co-authored book, Awakening the Workplace

You're the Boss... of You!


Become the Boss of you, and love your life while passing it on to others enabling our world to be transformed to a place of greater love and peace.

Please forward your request for "You're The Boss.... of You!" to terri@terriknox.com or call toll free: 1-877-488-1171