Client Comments

"You made people laugh, you made people cry, and most of all you made people think. Once again I have to comment on your energy; to do back to back presentations fours days in a row in front of a variety of audiences must be exhausting, but you were of course dynamic to the last moment."
Rayann Ulvick
Chief Executive Officer
North-western Health Services Region

"Your program contained many real life examples of theoretical concepts which we all once learned, but somehow forgot along the way of life. As you say, we need to be reminded of these once in a while!"
Angela Bachynski
Clinical Nurse Specialist Emergency Program
St Boniface Hospital

"Terri is dynamic, down to earth, warm and friendly, intelligent and a terrific speaker. She has as incredible talent for captivating her audience..."
Carolyn Lang
Program Co-ordinator Educational Services
Sask. Association of Health Organizations                

"Terri was inspiring. Our conference delegates absolutely loved you and the messages you delivered.You exceeded all expectations."
Barbara Marshall
Director of Human Resources
United Way

"Terri, you differentiate yourself from other speakers in many ways, but the most important one of all is that person up front is Terri - plain and simple -What you see is what you get!"
Gordon Miller
Uniglobe Travel

Awakening the Workplace


Look for Terri's chapter on "The Power Of Service... Inside Out" in her co-authored book, Awakening the Workplace

You're the Boss... of You!


Become the Boss of you, and love your life while passing it on to others enabling our world to be transformed to a place of greater love and peace.

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