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Thrive to Survive

Blog by Terri Knox | May 1st, 2016

Greetings everyone!

Finally…I am developing a newsletter! It has certainly been a long time coming but here it is!! My intent with this newsletter is to provide specialized information, suggestions, and user friendly coping techniques for ever changing life challenges.

In January I had a number of speaking engagements in Dubai. During my presentations and while experiencing the Dubai ambiance I noticed that many Muslin women wore burkas. Although it is customary for most women, I found it interesting that some of these amazing and beautiful women had wonderful eye makeup on and some wore none at all, yet their eyes were more than beautiful! I was amazed. I noticed the eyes of every woman I encountered. Why I share this experience is that it occurred that when I could see only this small glimpse of these woman they were still able to express so much about themselves. Because their entire body is covered with only their eyes visible, these women take great effort to enhance their eyes. The women who decide not to use makeup still have amazing eyes. Perhaps the same could be true for all of us. I believe that when we showcase what we have it tends to take on a whole new meaning and strength! Focusing on what we may have lost or don’t have leaves us little room for our more positive attributes such as coping skills.

How are you coping as you, your friends and family experience the downward spiral of the global economy? Is watching the late news on TV the last thing you do before retiring for the night, or listening to the radio while driving to work or reading the newspaper while having breakfast? If so you are most likely suffering from internal toxic overload! My suggestion is not to ignore, but to explore!

What are your strengths? How can you demonstrate and enrich them? Focus on what you have and not what’s missing. This includes monetary value. The key is utilizing positive coping skills enabling growth and internal optimism in today’s trying and stressful times!

What are you in control of? The reality is that we are only in control of our response to things that happen to or around us! Do we have to like it? Absolutely not! This is the time we must embrace who we are and what we have to ensure that we survive…enabling us to thrive!