Service Insights

With the consumer becoming more astute, the demand for better service increases.  An organization that consistently provides excellent service will become more noticeable and receive more motivation as well as greater loyalty from those consumers.  Good enough is not good enough any more. Super exceeding people's expectations motivates us and separates our organization from all the rest. Years ago people were looking for product, now they are looking for product and service.

Those who have been in the industry for several years will have noticed that there is a difference in customers behavior today than five or ten years ago.  Today’s customer today has a tendency to be more demanding and more likely to complain than ever before.  

Employees who excel in service recognize that customer service is not a function - it is more of a habit, a way of life.  These employees connect with the customers.  The employee, as well as the customer gets more satisfaction from the transaction.  Life is like a ripple effect.  When we have a pleasant connection with another person internally or externally that it carries over into the rest of the day, and visa versa.

by Terri Knox