Personal Development

An exerpt from Terri's book

One of the most paralyzing thoughts that we carry is that, even though we are a product of our environment, we also have the ability to make it better. Being chained to the past is a crippling disease, and claims our ability to be the best at who we are. I remember my mom telling me that everyone's happiness depended on me. How frightening can that be for any individual? Especially for my mom, who continued this false belief all her life.

We tend to be so emotionally busy tap-dancing in life. Trying to be everything to everyone: our partners, children, friends, colleagues, and community. No wonder that we neglect “speed bumps” and forget that our life is the most miraculous lesson we will ever receive

Shortcomings and failures--we've all got our share.  So how come some people manage to become successful while others remain shackled by paralyzing self doubt?  Positive attitudes trigger enthusiasm and enhance creativity. They’re the foundation of personal power! We are able to build internal self-esteem and develop a more satisfying, productive life.  Once we look within and personally examine our beliefs and influences, we can then start setting some goals that leads one on the path to a more satisfying professional and personal life.

by Terri Knox